Building the Future

   A Vision for Expanding Child Care


The Vision

Planting the Seeds for Children’s Success


More than 6,000 Fort Collins children are on a waitlist for child care. This year, Teaching Tree is addressing that need by embarking on a $2.1 million capital campaign to expand its Fort Collins child care center. The expansion will more than double the number of child care slots Teaching Tree will have available for low- and middle-income families. 

Our licensed capacity will increase from 101 to 215 children!


Will you help us grow?


"Leaf" your legacy! Be a part of the custom-designed trees that will take root in our new reception area to commemorate contributors to this extraordinary community project for children. 

Each donation will qualify for a 50% tax credit on your Colorado state taxes. 

Join us in realizing this vision


  Your gift will turn the vision into reality. 

•   Every dollar you give will return 7-10% to society every year over your lifetime. 

•   Your investment will help prevent the achievement gap and realize savings through reduced  

     spending for remedial programs in K-12 education, unemployment, criminal justice, welfare and  

     teen pregnancy. 

•   Every dollar you donate will be doubled in value (up to $200,000), thanks to a matching grant from 

     an anonymous donor. 

Partner with Teaching Tree BY MAKING your donation